Sunday, April 18, 2010

My Story

There are a few things in life that I am most passionate about... my God, my family & friends, coffee, food, sewing, and those who are in chronic pain because of injuries or incurable diseases. This blog is dedicated to all of you who have taken your health into your own hands and refuse to let pain rule your life. You are an inspiration to me!

I was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis in late January of 2009, although I've had it since early 2005. It started out with swelling and pain in my left foot... 5 podiatrists and 1 orthopedic surgeon later (seriously!), no one could tell me what was really going on with my foot. Eventually (thank you, Lord!) I ended up seeing a rheumatologist. No more than 15 minutes with him and I had my diagnosis.

For several months I tried 2 different types of medication. I started out taking sulfasalazine, then ended up taking methotrexate. Neither medication worked, even on the highest dosage. The next step was moving to Embrel, but after researching its possible side effects, I decided it wasn't for me. That's when I ended up seeing an ND (thank you, Dr. Amy!) and she suggested I try life on the "anti-inflammation" diet.

I started the "anti-inflammation diet" October 12, 2009, and it has changed my life. I feel 40 to 70% better, although it depends on the day, weather, stress, etc... The diet consists of not eating: wheat, gluten, dairy, corn, soy, potatoes, tomatoes, shellfish (including shrimp, crab, lobster, clams & mussels), oranges & grapefruit, cane sugar, white rice, peanuts, and fried foods. I can have butter and eggs, but they have to be organic. My meat also has to be organic, although both poultry and beef give me problems - organic or not.

I know it seems like quite a hefty list, but I am determined to find and create tasty recipes for those of us on the anti-inflammation diet and for those suffering from food allergies. I love food... I love everything about food.... and I LOVE to cook. I am no chef, but I also don't think of myself as a bad cook either.

So, on that note, I hope you enjoy following my blog and trying its recipes. Happy cooking!!


  1. What a great start for your BLOG Megan!

  2. Yay! I'm so glad you're up and running. I'm going to show Jimmy this when I get home from work today, too. I've tried to explain everythinig to him that you do w/ your diet and I'm not sure if I'm just not conveying it right, but he never seems to be much interested. I think if he were to actually read your story it may be different. I'll keep ya posted and the blog looks great!!

  3. I am looking forward to more recipes! Go you!!

  4. Can you add a gadget for subscriptions to your blog? That would be awesome!

  5. Yayyy - so glad you found me Megan - can't wait to hear more from you about your recipes etc. I'm only on the second week of my diet but fingers crossed the sacrifices will be well worth it! I beat severe psoriatic arthritis about ten years ago through diet and exercise and a positive mental attitude - I know this will work for my psoriasis I just need to give it time.

  6. Megan, keep it up. I have psoriasis last September started a diet pretty much identical to yours. My psoriasis has improved tremendously, lost 20 lbs and I feel great. I encourage all psoriatics to go on an anti-inflammation diet. Non-psoriatics would do well by it also!

    Thanks for posting recipes!

  7. Megan,
    I was just looking for a gluten-free, dairy-free, sugarfree bluberry muffin recipe and came across your blog. My story is very similar to yours. I would like to chat via e-mail, if you are willing. Let me know.

  8. Sounds lke a great plan, Roxanne! My email is :)